everythingCHILLI supplies retailers with jars of gourmet preserves for sale, and catering tubs for food service use. I can supply Tom's Sauces to trade too.

Outlets and clients include restaurants, delis, farm shops, garden centres, independent outlets and boutique cafes.


Get in touch for a chat about how we can work together and for my current trade price list, or order now on the sites below.

Online portals for trade customers

Friendly request to outlets ordering online from me for the first time - please use these links to find me on the platforms, as it keeps my costs considerably lower compared to you browsing the platforms to find me. Thanks.


Join as a new retailer and get £300 off and 1 year of free delivery.
Valid until 30th June 2022
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Join as a new retailer and get £300 off your first trade order.
Current at 28/3/22
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