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Ntsama's<br/>Classic Chilli Sauce<br/>&#127798;&#127798;&#127798;&#127798;

Classic Chilli Sauce

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Classic Chilli Sauce small red chillismall red chillismall red chillismall red chillismall blank chilli

(Heat rating 4/5)

Made in the UKhandmade/small batchGluten freeVegan friendlyNo added sugar

Only the finest ingredients with no artificial additives.

Consider yourself a seasoned chef? Then this is the product for you. Classic by name, but not by nature. It brings that special flavour that only scotch bonnet can – binding and enhancing the flavours in even the simplest dishes! Use to spice up your chilli con carne, curries, pasta sauces and even your rice dishes.

Use in place of fresh chillies or as a condiment. Great to use as a marinade by adding to natural yogurt to marinade chicken before roasting, grilling or cooking on the BBQ.

180g jar


Scotch bonnets, salt, vinegar blends and oils trace.