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Paprika Marinade (Limited Edition)

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Red peppers, paprika, lots of garlic and lemon, with a decent hit of chilli.

It's a thick, dollop-able marinade with minimal sugar that's great as a BBQ Marinade or to pep up stews and grilled food.

Very limited quantity!

Heat rating 4/5


From time to time, small one-off batches are made to taste-test a new flavour combination or to reduce food waste by using fresh produce that would otherwise leave the food chain. They won't be made again.

...but popular ones can become regular varieties (like Caramelised Red Onion did) or Seasonal Editions (like Spiced Plum did).

Some prove to be so popular that they don't even make it to the website before they sell out at events.
Try the current one. You'll discover what it is when it arrives!

Past Limited Editions have included:

  • Autumn Chutney (carrot & plum)
  • Pear Necessities Relish (pear, lemon & cardamon)
  • Smokin' Hot Extra (onion, orange & lots of heat)
  • Lime and Garlic Marmalade
  • Banana & Onion Chutney
Regular 200g jar