Special limited stock - <br/>BigFat's 7o8 Pot Citrus Hot Sauce<br/>&#127798;&#127798;&#127798;&#127798;&#127798;&#9888;

Special limited stock -
BigFat's 7o8 Pot Citrus Hot Sauce

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BigFat's 7o8 Pot Citrus Hot Sauce

(Heat rating 5/5)

Special limited stock

Experience a burst of citrus flavour as it washes over you, quickly swirling into a vortex of spices and savory goodness. Just when you think it's over comes the exquisite wave of heat from fresh Trinidad 7 Pot peppers, one of the hottest chillies ever. Come get swept away.

Goes great with: Chicken wings, seafood, pork, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, ice cream, oat meal, sweet potatoes, turkey.

Available in 148ml glass bottles


(Reaper pepper mash (reaper peppers and vinegar), apple cider vinegar, Jolokia pepper mash (bhut jolokia peppers, salt), Trinidad scorpion pepper mash (Trinidad scorpion peppers, salt), coconut palm sugar, passionfruit concentrate, onions, roasted red peppers (roasted red peppers, water, salt, citric acid), mango, garlic, lemon juice, chia seed powder.)
For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Suitable for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians.


Once opened, refrigerate and consume by the BB date.