The Hot Half-dozen

The Hot Half-dozen

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Six fabulous hot sauces to heat up the dreariest of days!

In this bunch of sure-to-please sauces, there are heats from smoky chipotle to fiery scorpion, fruity mango, tangy habanero and even a dash of whisky in the scotch bonnet sauce.

Perfect for a barbecue, a cosy meal, or adding to stews and fajitas. Use as a marinade, ingredient in sauces and salsas, and simply use them to drizzle over your favourite meal, or dunk savoury food into them!



Wiltshire Habanero Sauce (info)
Whisky Sauce Co Scotch Bonnet Sauce (info)
Tom's Curious Sauces Chipotle (info)
Tom's Curious Sauces Scotch Bonnet (with mango) (info)
Tom's Curious Sauces Habanero (with garlic) (info)
Tom's Curious Sauces Scorpion (info)