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Is it Chilli Jam?

Original Chilli

Original Chilli

Many customers ask if Original Chilli is 'chilli jam' so I though I'd take some time to explain why, as far as food naming regulations are concerned, there is no such thing as chilli jam.

The Jam and Similar Products (Scotland) Regulations 2004 states ...

"fruit" means fresh, sound fruit, free from deterioration, containing all of its essential constituents and sufficiently ripe for use, after cleaning, removal of blemishes, topping and tailing, and includes ginger, tomatoes, the edible parts of rhubarb stalks, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and watermelons;
"reserved description" as regards any specified jam or similar product means any description specified in relation to that product in column 1 of Schedule 1 as read with the Notes to that Schedule;

Reserved descriptions
4. No person shall sell any food with a label, whether or not attached to or printed on the wrapper or container, which bears, comprises or includes any reserved description or any derivative thereof or any word or description substantially similar thereto unless-
(a)such food is the specified jam or similar product to which the reserved description relates;
(b)such description, derivative or word is used in such a context as to indicate explicitly or by clear implication that the substance to which it relates is only an ingredient of that food; or
(c)such description, derivative or word is used in such a context as to indicate explicitly or by clear implication that such food is not and does not contain a specified jam or similar product.

1. Jam
A mixture, brought to a suitable gelled consistency, of sugars, the pulp or purée or both of one or more kinds of fruit and water, such that the quantity of fruit pulp or fruit purée or both used for every 1000 grams of the finished product is not less than-
(i)250 grams in the case of redcurrants, blackcurrants, rosehips, rowanberries, sea buckthorns or quinces,
(ii)150 grams in the case of ginger,
(iii)160 grams in the case of cashew apples,
(iv)60 grams in the case of passion fruit,
(v)350 grams in the case of any other fruit.

So, even if our friend the chilli were to be classified as a fruit, there would need to be 35% chillies in the product to allow it to use the reserved description of 'jam'.

Original Chilli contains on average 8% to 10% chillies. Can you imagine how hot a spread containing 35% chillies would be?

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All the products are vegan and most are suitable for coeliac diets.

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